Simon Lam


Simon Lam has over 20 years of product development, marketing and business
development experience in data and voice networking, wireless communication,
software and eCommerce. He currently advises several companies on technology and
go-to-market strategies.

Simon was recruited by MICOM Communications in 1982 as product development
manager to create a family of new X.25 products. In 1986, he was promoted to General
Manager of MICOM Asia, in charge of offshore manufacturing outsourcing and market
development. In 1989, he was appointed as the VP Product and Business
Development to pioneer the development of Voice over IP, Voice over Frame Relay,
and Voice over ATM.  The resulting Marathon data/voice product lines successfully
ignited a new industry trend in Integrated Access for Voice and Data over Frame Relay,
ATM, and IP, and propelled the MICOM to a successful IPO. Simon was an active
leader that launched the industry’s Voice over IP Forum. From there, he quickly closed
a joint development alliance with Nortel Networks, leading to Nortel’s acquisition of
MICOM in 1996.

As Nortel’s VP of Strategic Technologies and Business Development, Simon
continued to drive product strategies and business development of Data/Voice
Integrated Access products at Nortel.  He drove Nortel’s product strategies for
Integrated ATM broadband access, Voice over IP and wireless access.  He secured a
major ATM integrated access equipment contract with AT&T, developed and grew a
DCME business substantially, with minimal additional development effort.

Simon later left Nortel to found TelSurf Networks in 1999, a company specializing on
Voice on the Web technology for wireless users, on an innovative middle-ware
platform XML and xSL technology. Telsuf grew to be a leading Voice Portal supplier
with major strengths in Latin Americas. The company was sold to Prosodie Interactive
(a French company) in early 2002.

Simon received his B. Eng. in Engineering Physics, at McMaster University, and his
MBA, at York University, Canada. He holds three patents in packet voice technology.

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