Help a Company Grow its Business Globally
Landing in the US, or Outside the US.

Help Compani
es Build/Energize an Innovation Program (Lab)
that Effectively LeverageTalents in Silicon Valley

Adept at Building, Growing New Team and Business
Across  Borders or Industries
Advise - Coach - Assist - Drive - Execute

For over 20 years, the Berani Group has provided hands-on general
management assistance and timely advice to companies looking for help in
globalization, new business, market entry, turnaround, strategic change and
transformation. We apply the business management of the Silicon Valley and
leverage the cross-border synergy among the major economies of the Asia
Pacific. Our clients achieve rapid results with an instant team of seasoned
advisors and  managers.

Our clients are typically:

  • Non-US or US companies wanting to set up a  local presence,like an
    Innovation Center, in the Silicon Valley;

  • Established US companies investing in cross-Pacific sales, JV or alliance
    initiatives; or

  • Early-stage start up companies in the US.

Our domain expertise is in new business formation, pioneer-territory entry,
strategic alliance and sales development. We deliver a distinctive blend of
technical, marketing, and management know-how backed by a rich network of
Silicon Valley talents with extensive operations experience in managing  
programs that cross border, industry, and culture

Turn-around and change management is a key critical success factor for small

and large companies in this rapidly changing and competitive global economy.
We offer innovative insights into developing new mindsets and skills for
managing success in challenging global markets, where customers, employees
and suppliers are diverse.

The team consists of multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual experienced senior
executives and global operations managers who have worked extensively in
Silicon Valley and Asia. We are creative change-agents, leaders, and coaches,
who are passionate about helping high-technology clients grow globally,
leveraging the markets and resources in Asia. Our professional excellence is
balanced with impeccable integrity and ethics as we cherish long lasting
relationship with the people and companies we serve.

We match our senior leaders with experience directly relevant to the immediate
challenges of your business -- providing advice and hands-on execution
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