Successful Globalization Practice
Common Errors of MNC in China
  • Confuse between local and national-level issues
  • Misalign sales strategy with overall country strategy
  • Low management consistency and transparency
  • Inadequate investment in staff development
  • Acting on bad information. Use the wrong people.
  • Over confident from own success in home country
  • Lack time, money and patience to understand local customers
  • Seek win-win with internal teams and external players
  • Share common vision guided by value to end customers
  • Take time to build mutual understanding among stake-holders
  • Promote team work and consistent process
  • Encourage leveraging of individual strengths for biggest impact
  • Steer day to day execution with versatile cross-cultural leaders
    as an effective middle-ware.
  • Rapid product obsolescence
  • Blurring and changing boundaries -- competitors and partners
  • Ideas, know-how, IP, and talents travel faster and farther
  • Products moves across the world faster and cheaper
  • Maintain core corporate values and cultures
  • Adapt products, services, and processes to local conditions
China Entry
Good Practice for Success in Global Expansion
Technology Business in a Flatter Faster World